DECADES 5th Anniversary (pre-order)

David Taylor
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IMPORTANT: This product won’t be available until October. I’ll ship your books then.

In the dark woods outside Massachusetts, Detective James Macleod finally caught brutal serial killer, The Huntsman, but the disastrous, bloody arrest forced him out of life as a cop - before he could find out how many victims the killer had really claimed.

Ten years later, as controversy builds around the case once more, FBI agents Karen Kilpatrick and Jerome Palmer give Macleod a chance to get the truth. And with the truth comes a chain reaction of emotional and physical violence that will change everyone involved.

DECADES is a 160-page noir serial killer thriller in gritty black and white. This dark, brooding book was my first graphic novel and the one that started me on this comic creating journey.

I want this!

Print and digital editions of DECADES

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